Engaging Employees & Maximizing Performance


Is how engaged your employees are important? Does it make a difference in your business’ overall success? Forrester Construction’s Executive Vice President Karen Roberts believes the answer is a resounding “YES!”

Forrester Annual Meeting

Engaged Team

In an article recently featured in “News You Can Use” by the CREW Network, a leading business networking organization dedicated to advancing women in commercial real estate, Forrester’s Executive Vice President Karen Roberts explains why employee engagement is so critical. An engaged team simply performs better and is more productive.

2016 Forrester Annual Meeting

All Team Members come together for Forrester’s Annual Company Meeting. It is a time to celebrate our successes, acknowledge accomplishments and plan for the future.

Do you want to how to retain great employees? Drawing on her years of experience in business and talent management and illustrated with real world examples, Roberts outlines how leaders can develop their own successful program. She also highlights some of the winning strategies Forrester uses to keep its Team Members invested in the company, its clients’ missions and their colleagues. So what are the keys to keeping your team engaged?

There are six simple steps:

  1.  Start off on the right foot.
  2.  Help them see the future.
  3.  Engage your managers.
  4.  Build a sense of belonging.
  5.  Be invested in your team’s futures.
  6.  Give them a voice.

Robert’s expanded advice is available on the CREW Network website. In it she goes on to explain that employee engagement really is a daily activity, and all managers should be involved in the process. “Aligning an employee’s goals with the goals of your company ensures everyone is pushing in the same direction,” she says. Follow these six simple steps to keep an engaged team and your employee retention for businesses will increase.

Find out what you can do today to start building employee engagement.


Forrester Executive Vice President Karen RobertsExecutive Vice President Karen Roberts is responsible for Forrester Construction’s human resources, organizational development, workforce planning and corporate communications.  With more than 25 years of business and talent management experience, Karen oversees multiple groups that support construction operations at Forrester leading a diverse team in the development and implementation of the company’s strategic plan. She is also responsible for internal and external communications, organizational alignment and team member engagement.

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