Forrester believes the difference between a good project and a great one is in its execution and expertise.

Our team relies on a comprehensive set of core capabilities to provide clients with superior, value-added construction management services. From leading safety and quality management programs to innovative preconstruction and design-build services, Forrester’s core capabilities surpass industry standards to achieve exceptional results.

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Executive Leadership

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General Contracting

As general contractors, Forrester Construction’s overall construction management philosophy is rooted in an intense emphasis on the fundamentals. Safety, quality management, scheduling and site logistics are the traditional core elements of construction project coordination, but virtual design and construction (VDC) and sustainability are also increasingly important in today’s marketplace. By creating strong programs focused on these basic components, we equip teams to tackle even the most complex building projects. Based on industry best practices and refined with real-world expertise, we use these tools to comprehensively plan, coordinate and control the work from preconstruction through closeout. It is a proactive approach that delivers real results.


Forrester believes exceptional preconstruction services establish a strong foundation for successful projects. Our value-added preconstruction approach is based on a combination of real-world construction experience, detailed analysis, and teamwork. Using an integrated approach that fosters communication and collaboration amongst all project team members, dedicated preconstruction professionals provide project-specific, highly-detailed recommendations that streamline design efforts, inform decisions and optimize schedules and budgets. Through thorough planning, analysis, documentation, monitoring and strict accountability, we have earned a reputation for consistently and efficiently delivering outstanding preconstruction services that yield real results.

Forrester Construction’s Preconstruction Services:

  • Construction Costs & Estimates
    Forrester provides highly-detailed, comprehensive and accurate construction estimates that allow clients to make informed decisions that closely anticipate final project outcomes.
  • Value Engineering / Cost Reduction Strategies
    Forrester understands the importance of reviewing and analyzing options during design development. The preconstruction team works closely with clients and design teams, developing thorough alternatives that offer cost reduction strategies consistent with overall project goals, budgets, and schedules.
  • LEED™ Certification Cost-Benefit Analysis
    During preconstruction, the Forrester team works with the client and design team to plan a comprehensive sustainability strategy that outlines all requirements and considerations necessary to achieve the project’s sustainability and/or LEED certification goals.
  • Alternative Material / Systems Analysis.
  • Constructability Reviews / Risk Assessment Studies.
  • Conflict Analysis / Coordination Studies.
  • Site Utilization
    Forrester’s site utilization plans allow project teams to develop safe, effective and efficient work plans that are aligned with the location’s restrictions and the client’s requirements. Working collaboratively on these plans in preconstruction ensures all stakeholders are well-informed and the schedule is maintained during construction. This is particularly useful for occupied facilities, active campuses, tight sites and urban environments.
  • Phasing Plans.
  • Project Schedules.
  • Early release packages / fast tracking.
  • Competitive bidding / prequalified subcontractors.
  • MEP systems performance analysis.

Design Build

Design Build is a single source project delivery system appropriate for a wide variety of clients and project types. Forrester’s design-build services eliminate the burden of managing multiple contracts mitigating the owner’s risk and reducing change orders and delays.

As an industry-leading provider of design-build services in the DC Metro area, our dedicated Design Build Group was established in 2000 and includes architects, engineers and construction professionals with decades of combined experience. Together, this expert team developed and refined an innovative, collaborative design-build methodology that achieves client’s goals, exceeds expectations and simplifies the construction process.

Forrester’s proven fully-integrated team approach focuses on gaining an optimal understanding of the project’s challenges and critical indicators of success early on, which leads to the development of creative, practical solutions and seamless, efficient implementation. The result is a best-value procurement process, turn-key delivery and an exceptional project outcome making it a very economical choice for projects with distinct sustainability goals, budget considerations or unique technical challenges.

Forrester’s design-build approach includes:

  • A tested fully-integrated, efficient single source project delivery system that is well-organized and economical.
  • Dedicated design-build specialists.
  • Extensive support from Forrester’s Preconstruction Group including all preconstruction service offerings including budgeting, estimating, scheduling, site utilization, and phasing planning.
  • Design-build experienced field operations personnel.
  • Virtual design and construction and building information modeling technology.
  • Tailored sustainability solutions.