Forrester has been awarded the $25 Million NARMC Headquarters and Dental Clinic

June 22, 2010 – Forrester Construction Company has been awarded the North Atlantic Regional Medical Command (NARMC) Headquarters and Dental Clinic in Fort Belvoir, VA. This approximately $25 Million project will include the construction of a new building for the NARMC Headquarters and a new Dental Clinic located adjacent to NARMC.

Construction of the new NARMC Headquarters will include the administrative building, standby generator, and building information systems. Supporting facilities will include electric service; water, sewer, and gas; paving, walks, curbs, and gutters; storm drainage; site improvements; antiterrorism measures; access for individuals with disabilities; information systems; and an intrusion detection system (IDS) and connection to a Utilities Monitoring & Control System (UMCS).

The new Dental Clinic will replace the existing 27 Dental Treatment Room (DTR) facility and will provide dental care to troops at Fort Belvoir. Supporting facilities will include utilities, streets, parking, exterior lighting, site improvements, antiterrorism measures, and information systems.

The Owner is the US Army Corps of Engineers – Baltimore District and the Architect is HDR Architecture of Alexandria, VA. Construction is scheduled to begin in July, 2010 with a completion date of September, 2011