US Supreme Court – Roof System Replacement, Washington, DC

July 8, 2009 – As part of the Supreme Court Modernization Program, Phase 1 of The Roof System Replacement Project was awarded to Forrester Construction. This 11,000 SF project will involve asbestos abatement and demolition of the existing roof system and metal flashing coated with lead paint.

The flat roofs including the Promenade roofs will be replaced with hot-applied rubberized asphalt roofing membrane and covered with insulation and concrete pavers. The project also includes the installation of new metal flashing, a personal fall arrest system, and a lightning protection system.

The purpose of the work is to extend the roof systems’ life expectancy. The flat roofs will be extended to a minimum of 30 years and the drainage components will be extended to a minimum of 50 years.

The Owner is the Supreme Court of the United States and the Architect is Architect of the Capitol. The project began Wednesday, July 01, 2009 and is scheduled to finish September 15, 2009.