Ukrainian Holodomor Memorial

Located at the intersection of North Capital Street, Massachusetts Avenue and F Street in Washington, DC, the Ukrainian Holodomor Memorial commemorates the Ukrainian famine genocide of 1932 and 1933. Though one of the largest humanitarian crises in history, the Holodomor is not well known. In 2006, Congress authorized construction of this memorial to promote awareness of the tragedy and honor its victims.

The six foot tall bronze and black granite wall has a high bäs relief sculpture that fades to a deep negative relief symbolizing the loss of wheat and life. The memorial’s stone back is carved in a geometric pattern, and slate stone elements feature a hammered texture. This design replicates the jagged lines of plowed fields. Finally, a short piece of text — inscribed in English and Ukrainian — describes the genocide and its consequences. The project also involved landscaping the memorial park. Forrester Construction planted red bud trees, created a rainwater draining garden and installed a bronze bench for visitors.

Project Location:

Washington, DC


Architect of Record – Hartman Cox

Design Architect – The Kurylas Studio


12 months