Corpus Christi Catholic Church

The Catholic Diocese of Arlington has been identifying the need for new churches for Loudoun County, Virginia, which is one of the fastest-growing jurisdictions in the Country.

Forrester was selected to provide comprehensive preconstruction services to assist the Church Planners and the Design Team to develop a viable solution for the new parish in South Riding, VA. From its inception, the church was intended to be a traditional cruciform design of about 26,000 square feet with a conventional choir loft over the church’s main entrance.

The project involved extensive development on an over 18-acre site that included extensive site clearing and grading, new access roads, parking, new utilities, stormwater management facilities, and appropriate walkways and landscaping. The new building is steel frame construction over a concrete slab on grade with conventional shallow footings. The gothic-style facade consists of steeply pitched roofs, natural limestone at the main entrance, and masonry and stucco walls, with stained glass windows. The interior follows a traditional approach with wood paneling and decorative running trim to enhance the religious experience.

While the architecture is traditional, the building systems consist of energy-efficient and cost-effective mechanical and electrical equipment and fixtures that provide a comfortable environment while saving the diocese operating costs for the very long life of the Church.

Project Location:

South Riding, VA


McCrery Architects


26,000 SF


17 months