Minimally Invasive Vascular Care Center

Ambulatory Healthcare Facility

The Minimally Invasive Vascular Centers offers a variety of vascular and endovascular services to patients. For this project, Forrester constructed a new ambulatory surgical center in Laurel, Maryland. The firm also provided preconstruction and value-engineering services.

Construction involved buiding a new 27,000 square, three floor structure at the intersection of Cherry Land and MD 197. The basement level includes private parking, a loading dock and storage rooms. The first floor has six exam rooms, ultrasound rooms, procedure rooms, changing rooms, waiting rooms, an operating room, a reception area and a lobby. The third floor is administrative with offices and a conference room. The center also features unique art, open concept floor plan and unique amenities like a juice bar.

The contemporary exterior design is comprised of insulated metal panels, aluminum punched windows and an aluminum storefront. The facility has two elevators, power sliding doors and five rectangular skylights above the reception area.

The building is also expected to earn LEED Silver Certification for its inclusion of sustainable design elements like its green roof, lighting controls, and optimized energy performance.

Project Location:

Laurel, Maryland


Studio ARQ


27,000 SF


7 Months


LEED Certified Project Icon LEED™