CoreSite VA2 Data Center

CoreSite VA2 Data Center is a national provider of data centers with more than 700 clients and 14 data centers in nine major markets. Located in Washington, DC and in Reston, VA, Forrester Construction has performed work on both of CoreSite’s local data centers. For this project, Forrester constructed a new 285,000 SF data center on the grounds of CoreSite’s Reston Campus.

The VA2 data center meets stringent government and defense contractor security requirements with features including 50 foot setbacks, internal and external CCTV surveillance, biometric scanner checkpoints and 24/7 on-site security. The renovation of this SAS70 Type II facility required the coordination of multiple 35.5 kilovolt power feeds and tie ins to the building’s central cooling plant to provide 2,800 tons of air conditioning in the space. To accommodate the power feeds and cooled air delivery systems, 24-inch antistatic raised flooring was installed. The completed data center’s power density is up to 25 kilowatts per cabinet and is capable of accommodating nearly 12 critical megawatts of IT load.

Forrester also built out tenant office spaces within the facility. Work included installation of MEP equipment, sprinkler systems and finishes.

Project Location:

Reston, VA




285,000 SF


14 months



PreConstruction Services