Luce Hall – US Naval Academy

Forrester Construction‘s renovation of Luce Hall – U.S. Naval Academy is located in the southwest corner of the historic Main Yard. The building provides a highly sophisticated learning environment for the Naval leaders of the future.

The facility contains classrooms and offices for several USNA departments. The renovations included a Main Hall and Rotunda that serves as a new grand entry into the building, a gathering place for midshipmen and the heart of the building. A skylight was added to infuse daylight into this ceremonial space. Construction also involved high-tech computer rooms – ‘holodecks’ – simulating ship operations. Like airline pilots in simulated cockpits, seamen are able to simulate at-sea situations. These virtual-reality simulations are part of the Academy’s technologically advanced Netcentric Operational and Warfighting Center.

Project Location:

Annapolis, MD


Einhorn Yaffee Prescott


100,000 SF


17 months