Wideband Satellite Operations Center

Forrester Contruction‘s project involved construction of a new Wideband Satellite Communications Operations Center (WSOC) to support real-time communications for the military and other government agencies. The new facility, which houses control equipment for Department of Defense satellites, includes operations and equipment rooms, SCIF spaces, a data center, personnel and security support areas, training and conference rooms, administrative offices, supply rooms and an equipment maintenance area.

The project also involved the installation of a UPS system, chillers, boilers, computer room air conditioning units and building information systems. Unique features of the WSOC project included a raised access computer room flooring and wave guide trenches to connect the facility to existing satellite antennas. The completed facility attained LEED™ Silver certification and complied with all Anti-Terrorism/Fire Protection requirements for secure facilities.

Project Location:

Fort Detrick, MD


HDR Architecture


27,000 SF


15 months


LEED™ Silver