Union Market Rooftop

This truly unique project converted the roof of Union Market, one of DC’s most popular dining destinations, into an open-air/activity space. The initial scheduled activity was a tennis tournament featuring the Washington Kastles. Constructed in only 90 days, this 700 seat stadium was one of the only rooftop professional tennis courts in the world.

Forrester improved rooftop infrastructure including building a new staircase, extending the two existing staircases to the roof, erecting a steel-framed concrete poured platform, relocating mechanical units, installing handrails, new exhaust fans, and a new elevator for ADA access. These infrastructural improvements were required so that bleachers and a temporary tennis court could be installed for the quickly approaching tennis season. After the tennis season, the roof will continue to be used as a dynamic recreational and entertainment venue that will encourage greater community participation and increase urban vitality in the Union Market Area.

Forrester is continuing to work on the rooftop as part of a phased renovation now that the tennis tournament has ended.

Project Location:

Washington, DC


Bell Architects


27,000 SF


90 days