Forrester Construction’s expertise in the commercial construction market ranges from complex office building repositioning projects to new base buildings and high-end tenant interiors and restaurants. Since its founding in 1988, Forrester has delivered hundreds of commercial construction projects in tight urban environments and suburban settings alike. Our portfolio includes a wide array including mixed-use developments, new and renovated office and base buildings, interior fit-outs and retail and hospitality projects.

Forrester recognizes that successful projects require a keen mastery of scheduling and budgeting, advanced sequencing techniques and ongoing communication. We establish a clear understanding of the client’s priorities and challenges early in the construction process. Then using our proactive project management approach, the project team works to thoroughly identify long lead-items and assesses challenges posed by existing conditions during preconstruction. For occupied renovations, Forrester also gains in-depth knowledge of building tenants, their schedules, travel patterns and the overall occupancy configuration to determine the ideal sequencing and scheduling of work. Neighbors and adjacent structures are also considered as the project plan is developed ensuring minimal disruption of normal operations for all parties. By carefully weighing and managing each of these factors, the Forrester team controls project cost, closely manages the schedule and ensures the client’s objectives are fulfilled.

Forrester’s Commercial Market Expertise Includes:

  • Considerable experience and expertise with the unique needs of commercial projects including a keen mastery of scheduling, budgeting and advanced sequencing techniques.
  • Skilled construction phasing and well-coordinated construction staging even in tight sites and occupied environments.
  • Hazardous material management.
  • Optimal pricing through enhanced understanding of technical requirements and strong subcontractor and supplier relationships.
  • Technical expertise to proactively identify and immediately address field concerns.